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Noronto Reunion 2021

August 7 - 14, 2021

Sr. High Camp 2021

August 14 (8:00 pm) - 21, 2021

This site is dedicated to keeping you informed as to the activities planned for Noronto Reunion grounds in Monetville, within the Northern Ontario district. Information will be updated regularly during the months leading up to reunion and camps, but may stay unchanged for several months during the winter.

Please check back regularly to find out information about the reunion and camping activities for this year.

If you take photos of the activities and would like to include them in our photo albums, please send them to the web master using the "CONTACT US" link above.

Chapel in the Woods.

Chapel in the woods,

your timber grows nearby,

midst pine, birch and dense underbrush.

While they lived, they towered heavenward,

reaching for light

a source of strength and growth.

They were chosen

because of their majesty and height

and straight, strong heart.

For this purpose they gave their all

To shelter God’s people

In worship

To arch heavenward,

And by Beauty of their mighty arms

Cause those who enter here to worship.

May our lives be such

May we, through the wilderness of sin and darkness,

reach ever for the light above.

And with the growth which comes,

Be towers of strength to others

As our roots grow deep in the knowledge of his love

And we ever reach toward those Kingdom wrought tasks

He would have us do

We too, may find the beauty of our souls

Fit specimens for God.

                                      Written by - Dolores McCormack

"In the Northern Ontario Reunion Grounds in Monetville, stands an A-frame tabernacle built of 50 foot timbers. Each tree was individually chosen and placed in the structure where it fit best. In worship, one’s eyes are drawn upward and one sees that the timbers form a cross in the window where the light pours in and the tops of trees are visible. The roof of this building is supported by all the timbers joined together at the peak and mutually sharing the weight with their powerful arms." Author Unknown.

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